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Argh.  It won’t let me click on anything in that row with the Search or moving between months.  Does it have anything to do with the fact that the stuff on the right side is all squished together?  It has always been that way but I didn’t have trouble until a couple of weeks ago.  Does that coincide with any of the updates you did?  The links for Setup, Reports, Blog, Help, and Logout all work fine.  “Tell a Friend” also works fine although the “d” is not visible on my screen because it gets cut off.  “Show High/Low” and “Select Bookmark” do not work and they are both semi-hidden due to squishing.  My email address is displayed somewhat on top of them.  So… I think that whole row is messed up for me.  Perhaps if they are un-squished (i.e. separated) they will work properly.  Right now the font size on my browser is set to Smallest … I just set it to Largest to see if it allowed me to click on anything in that row but it didn’t make a difference (except make the font size huge, of course).