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Hmm I like the “Goal” designation instead of savings.  Also, that makes it a free form entry that doesn’t have to be tied to the actual accounts.  I would like to see the goals have a decrementing option that lets you enter an amount you spent out of the goal amount.  The amount then gets adjusted for that decrement.  I guess if you wanted to take it a little farther you could keep up with the expenses charged against a goal and allow the user to print that out for a certain time frame.  That would work great for any goal that is a running goal.  I keep an “Auto Expenses” goal of $1000.  Now I have never reached that goal, but we allocate money to it as we get extra cash.  We also dip into it for oil changes and tires and such.  Being able to go back for a year and see the auto expenses laid out would be great.  Maybe as a thought a standard expense entry could have a drop list to apply it against a specific goal. 

Would you want to have a total tally for all the goals?  Perhaps in the same manner as income and expenses?

Dang, I’m going to have to go back to my “Savings” thread and rewrite it targeted at goals…