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OK this is a work in progress and may span several posts as I iron out my thoughts.  This will also be planned under the assumption that you can code anything I ask for.  You can, right?

Terminology first:
*Category is fairly loose and I get it confused with category types.  From now on, I will refer to a category as a user defined subaccount.  Examples would be Income, Insurance, Mortgage, Car payment,etc.  These are the daily “units” users work with when defining what’s happening with their money. 
*Category Type is more of a structure applied to categories that defines the way they operate.  Currently there you have Income and Expenses.  CB uses those designations to just place them under the proper Category Heading as far as I can tell.  They work identically behind the scenes.  They count up or count down for the current month.  I would change that slightly to have Monthly and Continuous category types.  Monthly types work just as they do now.  Continuous types would work just like the daily value does.  It moves from month to month, holding it’s value.
*Category Group is simply a heading under which the different categories would fall.  Currently you have Income and Expenses.  I would like to see those become user definable and expandable/contractible in the sidebar.

EDIT: removed a bit of stuff here about savings that is not as good as the current “Goals” based discussion below