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OK, how about this.  Only keep that summary updated to the current month.  it’s only speculation into the future anyways.  When it really matters is THIS month.  maybe you could  also put the month name beside the Categories label at the top.  Perhaps users could scroll/move around and the current calcs are for whatever month the user specifically focused on last.  Defaulting to the current month.  Changing to the dominant month in the displayed calendar.  whichever month had more days/weeks shown could claim the Categories list. alternately, leave it on the current month unless they browsed into the past.  Alternate 2, if they picked the month from the dropdown it would focus the Categories as it focused the calendar.  Ooh, here’s a better idea, put a dropdown box next to the Categories header to select the focus.  You could include all months/years (“Dec ’07” style) back to their first entry and I guess forward to their last.  If you allowed autochanging by some method as they moved the calendar, it would need to auto update itself.  of course if you always wanted the calendar and the Categories to be aligned, then you could just print the Month/year next to categories and use the dropdown you already have to select month (and I guess year unless you added a year spinner as well).