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Yes, it has to be easier to mark multiple items as completed, and easier to see which items are completed and which aren’t. It’s just a _pain_.

One solution would be to modify the Javascript to allow multiple items to be marked complete in close order, even if the server hasn’t finished handling the previous ones, so we don’t have to click-click-wait.

The worst thing to me, though, is that when your forecast is perfect and you import new items, the new items that match are HIDDEN from the bank, making it very hard to know for sure which items should be marked as complete. IF “complete” means “matched with the bank”, which is the recommended way and the only way that is really reliable, it’s very important that it be reasonably easy to set! I’m thinking that it should be set _automatically_ whenever a downloaded transaction is hidden due to an exact matchup; alternately, an item that’s not marked complete shouldn’t be hidden even if it matches (but perhaps color it blue or white rather than red or green, and allow single-click to mark its matching item as complete).