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I read more forum comments about the “Completed” flag, and found that was how you’d designed it to be used. I’ll change my use of the flag to match the expected use — which makes perfect sense to me. I was previously using it “wrong” :D. I’d love to see it automatically marked on all reconciled items — although I admit that not everybody would “love” that, you have to admit that this WAS a previously planned feature (I found you talking about adding it). Ha, gotcha!  :)

As for changing color on “remind me” items: the purpose is to make it so that I can see what items are calling for my attention. No longer would I get an email, then have to scrounge around trying to figure out which item was whining  ;D … instead I’d just look and SEE. And if I couldn’t take action right away, I could just get back to it later — the item would still be highlighted next time.

The highlighting would hold until the user edited the item to change the “remind me”, either by unchecking it or by changing the “remind me” date to sometime later. If the user forgets, who cares — you MIGHT add a clickable report for “remindable” items, or expired items, but I doubt anyone would really mind once the month isn’t being viewed anymore.

In hindsight changing the color is probably the WORST idea for this (whoops), since categories can also change the color, and that would be confusing. Making the item bold, italic, adding a ! warning icon, bolding the outline… Tons of better possibilities.

Best of all, this doesn’t add any new UI — it simply makes the existing UI more visibly effective.