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I personally have a Blackberry Storm. An app would be nice….

But, in case I downgrade my phone at some point, it would be even better, personally, to be able to text an entry or go to a simple form. So, I have a couple of ideas that might help dev:

1) my bank allows me to text keywords like BAL and INFO to their 5-digit number and get up to date info on my account. Would it be possible to develop a similar functionality for Calendar Budget where certain keyword text messages would post to the calendar? Example text message: (for a debit) “DEB 5.18 food 10/12/09” or (for a deposit) “DEP 245.98 income 10/16/09”.

2) The Calendar Budget looks very similar to Google’s Calendar interface. If it is built on that api foundation, maybe some other Google features could be adapted to the Calendar Budget. For instance, I recently created a Google Documents > Form, which automatically creates a Google Spreadsheet to hold the information entered in the form. The form I created was a simple three field form for date, description, and amount. As I spend, I can go to my form via my Blackberry (a shortened URL that forwards to the Google URL helped) and fill in the form and populate the spreadsheet. Later, I can go over my spreadsheet of transactions (much like a normal checkbook register) and enter them into the Calendar Budget. As of the moment, my Calendar Budget is only about $1.00 off, but it closely matches both my official bank info and my google spreadsheet. Having something similar to this would be very helpful for me, personally.

Maybe a combination of both ideas would work? Transaction entry form if that’s all you need to do, and text message based retrieval of info, ie balance for the current day, list of budgeted items for the current day, etc.

Hope that is good feedback!

Rina Hatcher

I love the Calendar Budget by the way. I’m a visual and relational person, so this is the ideal solution for my family and I. It’s very easy to use; not too many features, but plenty of the features that we need.