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Eric Poulin
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We’ve decided that, for now, we’re going to go with the approach of exporting the transaction list from your bank account and then importing that file to CalendarBudget.

We chose this course because many (most) banks have a security policy which prevents access your suggesting, where you have to give your user id and password to online banking to a 3rd party.  I don’t want to be liable for any security breach and I don’t think you want that kind of exposure to your money.

Having said that, I’m surprised your bank doesn’t allow you to download in QFX/QIF/MS Money format.  Most credit unions and major banks allow this – although sometimes the option is not readily visible. 

CSVs are not a standardized format, so different institutions could export a different CSV format, which would make parsing the file almost impossible.  OFX is a standard format.  I’m guess that if you investigate you’ll find that you can get it from your online banking site.  If Quicken/MS Money is connecting to your bank – they are getting the OFX format – so its definitely there.