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I think maybe because I’m seeing a bill as something that repeats, but not necessarily always at the same precise date, and with a variable amount (but generally around the same price). Examples would be internet (some providers charge extra for bandwidth), cell phones (minutes and SMSes), home phone, etc. I see it as different than rent and car payments, as those are generally always on the same day (and often pre-authorized) and with the exact same amount. On the other hand, variable amount bills aren’t the same as one-time payments which are entered manually… So it’s kind of an in-between – an amount that recurs but isn’t always the same.

Also, even though I understand that it’s not CB’s job to make sure people pay their bills, having the NetX time of days is something that would help people manage their money as they would know on which paycheck they could make the payment (and I think that’s the whole point, right?). How that visual indication could be done however, I’m not completely sure… Maybe in the bill itself it could be indicated which of the “next” paychecks would be available for the payment and create a reminder for it?

Another thing is, I think I will take on the habit of “making” my payments in CB before I actually do the real payment, as it’s very useful to see that “oops, if I pay this bill now, next week I see a red amount which means a payment won’t have passed”.