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Eric Poulin
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Are there any special needs that a business account would have versus what is standard in CalendarBudget.
The only thing that our design team has come up with in previous discussions is a budget count down.  Let me explain:

Imagine you have a marketing budget (either annually or for a specific time period or event).  Rather than the current budget system which tallies your spending monthly, you want this budget to start at $X and count down until the event or period is over. So, for example, if you had a $5,000 marketing budget for the year, you’d want it to start at $10,000 and show you how much you have left on each month according to spending so far in the year. 
This type of budgeting system works great for any special event also.  We have this in our plans – its just a matter of prioritizing it.  So far, its only been a design discussion – noone has asked for it.

Anything other wants for a business budgeting system?