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I can see a problem with that… I don’t need to keep that amount of money in my account forever; I only need to make sure it’s there in time for the bill — just like every other planned expense. It seems like a natural use for a planned expense.

However, while reading some of the old forum messages, I found one old idea that might be better than mine — the commentor called it a “snowball” program, but let’s just call it a “debt planner”. It’d be a menu selection that would ask you some questions, then generate calendar entries for the forseeable future. In addition to asking you for any overdue balances on the accounts CalendarBudget knows about, it would also ask for other debts, their amounts, their due dates, whether there’s special zero-interest treatement for bills paid on time… It would also ask you for your priorities (pay down debt ASAP, maintain position, clear only the high-interest debts, and so on) and strategy (optimal, Ramsey Snowball, etc).  Then it would generate transfers that are calculated based on priorities.

If the script is run a second time, it would read in the existing transfers and pre-fill the plan with the data implied by them (yes, the entries would have to include some kind of marker so that script would know how to look for them).

That’s kind of blue sky, but it seems useful.