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Fair enough… And I’ll add in support of deferring this idea that there are a billion and one things your programmer(s) have to do.  :D

ALSO: it’s a quickly thought out idea that would add a _very_ special case just for fully-paid-off credit cards. Probably something even better could be done, if I bothered to think it through.

Frankly, though, I don’t think timing is a real problem. The BIG purpose of this idea isn’t to produce a perfect day-by-day prediction, but rather to allow me to make sure the right amount of money is in the right place — if the actuall bill needs to be paid a few days later than planned nothing is going to explode. The big deal is (for example) that I know that $2000 balance sitting in the account two months from now is NOT available for discretionary spending, because it’s going to be spent to pay the unusually high credit card bill caused by several quarterly bills coming in at the same time on the previous month.

But… like I said… there’s probably a better way.