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I don’t want to track each transaction I make. I just want a program to show me in calendar format when my bills are and when my paychecks come in.

I could do this on any calendar but I want the program to keep track of how much money there will be in all of my accounts based on those recurring income/expense items.

I never have big adjustments to make because I do include as expenses estimated items like groceries, gas, lunch, etc. I do however like to go in every week or two weeks and make an adjustment so the numbers stay accurate.

I really use this so I can look and see if I have the money to buy something or go on vacation in three months time etc. I like to get a big picture or overview of my finances and see what it will look like in the next 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

I was using a product called Budget Calendar. Almost the same name as your product. It worked well for me but there were some shortcomings I thought your product could remedy. For instance you could not have multiple accounts or calendars that were aware of each other. So you could not transfer from the Checking calendar to the savings calendar or to a Credit Card Calendar. Instead you had to create a new calendar and you had to manage it separately. So If I wanted to transfer I had to create an expense in one calendar and then close that file and open the other file and create a deposit. This was just not fun. This program was also not a web program. It had to install as it was a java program. So your files were local on your computer. I did use dropbox and now I am using cubby to transfer/sync the files between computers but I am a fan of web applications as they don’t require workarounds like this.