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Eric Poulin
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Good call on the empty circle, I missed that. We’ll do that. We tried a space, but on days where nothing is marked as complete, it just looks like an error.
As for the note being prepended to the amount, we tried a number of scenarios. While you’re right that semantically it makes more sense with the title, the usability experience is awful that way. When the title of the transaction is longer than the available space for the day cell, the notes icon would then be hidden. Even if you have the auto-expand on mouseover turned on, you still don’t know there’s a not there until you mouseover.
Also since the lengths of transactions vary wildly, it not an ideal user experience to need to move the mouse from left to right so much to find the notes icon at the end of the title.
With the note in a much less variable position, prepended to the amount, it’s much easier to see and use at a glance.