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CalendarBudget hasn’t updated its reconciling code for quite a while, so the change must be coming from your bank. When reconciling, CalendarBudget is looking to match the end-of-day balance most importantly, if that matches, we’ll consider the day good to go. However, we look back to the first day available in your bank file. So, you may have days with matching balances, but a day previous to those doesn’t match – then we show everything from the unmatched day as unreconciled – with the assumption being that changes to that day may affect the future balances.
If all of your end of day balances match, you want to privately send me your latest bank file that is causing the problem (epoulin@calendarbudget.com) and I’ll have a look.
Sometimes, we’ve seen banks add an overdraft amount to the available balance which throws off CalendarBudget’s calculations. With a file in hand to look at, we can determine what the problem is and hopefully code around it for you.