Cash Flow Above All

There are so many budgetting apps. Each with a unique UI or method to save your financial wellbeing. Each say they help, but this app is truly a life saver.

Zero-based budgeting apps (YNAB and EveryDollar) focus on giving each dollar a job. The problem, you are focused on the next paycheck. There is no future visablity of cash flows. You cannot see how spending an extra $200 on debt reduction in the current month will lower your available balance in December.

The calendar budget allows you to see future impacts to your current decisions. For example:

What happens if you spend $450 to repair your car today? If using another app, you’ll pull money from other budget categories, but you can’t see how this impacts your budget 2 months from now. With Calendar budget, you can.


Calendar Budget is a cash flow budget system. You enter all reoccuring transactions and planned expenses, then you can see how extra spending will change your cash flow. It is cheaper than most budgeting apps (7.99mo/56yr), and they offer a 30 day trial.

5 stars.