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Is Buying A Home For You?


Owning a house has become cheaper than renting in twelve major cities, including Orlando, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta, now that interest rates are floating around the 4% mark on a 30-year fixed mortgage. “Home prices and mortgage rates have fallen so far that the monthly cost of owning a home is more affordable than at any point in the past fifteen years and is less expensive than renting in a growing number of cities,” states the Wall Street Journal. Should you include owning a home in your spending plan for the near future? Here are the questions we asked ourselves when we [...]

Is Buying A Home For You?2019-08-11T20:52:53-04:00

How To Fit Rising Gas Prices Into Your Financial Budgeting


Since February 1, the typical cost of regular gasoline has leaped by 28.5 cents to $3.76 a gallon across the country, and already tops $4 in some markets. Could $5 gas be looming in the future? My wife and I are already using budgeting software programs to trim our spending, and so I thought it would make sense to find ways to cut back on gas consumption, so we can have the best of both worlds. My research turned up a lot of ways to make the rising cost of gas fit into our spending plan. I’m happy to share some [...]

How To Fit Rising Gas Prices Into Your Financial Budgeting2019-08-11T20:52:10-04:00

Getting Teens Involved In Budgeting At Home – An Uphill Struggle


Just this Thursday I read that nearly 250 students from a high school in Newark, NJ were to have a mentoring experience with 57 employees from the Verizon Leadership Development Program. These employees were to share their life experiences and discuss various topics with the students. The topic that caught my attention was financial budgeting. My happy-go-lucky fourteen-year-old does not know a thing about creating a spending plan or living within a budget. And so I decided to do some research, and come up with three different ways to teach my teen about using a budget planner to live within [...]

Getting Teens Involved In Budgeting At Home – An Uphill Struggle2019-08-12T10:36:54-04:00

Spendthrift Or Penny Pincher: What’s Your Spending Personality?


Your response to money is mainly determined by your personality, like nearly everything else in life. But have you given much consideration to how you act in regard to your finances and what effect those actions have on your bottom line? Money personalities have been examined in various ways and a lot of people can relate to aspects of quite a few profiles. What’s your money personality? Read on to find out: Spendthrift: openhanded, impulsive and fun-loving, you don’t even know what a spending plan is. You don’t let money fears hold you back from living your life. You consequently have [...]

Spendthrift Or Penny Pincher: What’s Your Spending Personality?2019-08-07T20:42:55-04:00

Spending Plan For Valentine’s Day


With typical expenditure projected to increase over 8 percent to almost $200, the Toronto Sun anticipates romantics will be spending more this year to purchase gift cards, flowers, and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. And together with these increasing costs, four million people in the US are likely to ask someone to marry them or be proposed to on 14 Feb. About half of the consumers that were surveyed plan to buy Valentine’s Day gifts this year, and 46 percent plan to eat at their favorite restaurant to commemorate the holiday. Business Wire reports that Sonali Chakravorti, Vice President at American [...]

Spending Plan For Valentine’s Day2019-08-07T20:46:49-04:00

Discipline And A Spending Plan Needed To Cope With Holiday Debt


Thoughtful presents, affectionate reminiscences and tasty food of the holiday season are all behind us. Sadly, statements with holiday spending have already flooded mailboxes nationwide. This time of year used to be filled with financial anxiety for my family, but we’ve been able to stay on target since implementing our spending plan. You, too, can become successful at budgeting at home if you develop a plan and stick to it. Here’s how you can dig your family out of holiday debt: Speak to Your Lenders. If you’re having trouble paying off your credit cards, are over your limit or struggling [...]

Discipline And A Spending Plan Needed To Cope With Holiday Debt2019-08-07T20:52:33-04:00

Four Universal Budget Blunders And How To Prevent Them From Happening To You


We often hear about cases like this... My family follows a strict monthly budget. My husband and I have worked out a spending plan that works well for us and our three children through our years together. We have certainly made our share of money blunders along the way because finding the exact budget structure for a family is often a sequence of trials and errors. I’d like to share some of these mistakes with you, so you don’t end up in the same boat: Not Basing Our Budget on Reality We once cut our food budget in half in [...]

Four Universal Budget Blunders And How To Prevent Them From Happening To You2019-08-07T20:59:02-04:00

Having The Courage To Succeed


Knowing which path to take in achieving your Financial Freedom can seem quite scary at times. Imagine going on a road trip with your family. You set the destination, you map out where you want to go, you pack everything you need....and you're off! Halfway into the trip, you find that there is major construction going on and you see a sign that says "DETOUR AHEAD". You accidentally take the wrong turn and by the time you figure out where you are, you're over an hour away just to get back on route to your destination. Achieving your Financial Freedom [...]

Having The Courage To Succeed2019-08-07T21:05:06-04:00

Having All The Money You Need


It wasn't long ago that I remember striving to make ends meet. I was using what Jim Rohn calls the "Cross-Finger Theory", which never worked. It seemed no matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried, I could never seem to have enough money to pay the bills, or go out to dinner with friends, or be able to buy gifts for family and friends on their birthday's, or during the Holidays. Then one day, I walked into a vintage book store and came across a book called "Having all the Money You Need". It was an old, [...]

Having All The Money You Need2019-08-07T21:17:45-04:00