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Migrating From Adaptu

It's always sad to see a company close its doors. We know Adaptu users have put a ton of effort into setting up their budget and money plans and don't want that to go to waste by having to start over again... so, we at CalendarBudget spent the day writing a special import script for Adaptu data export files. See the article here on About.com to learn how to export your Adaptu data. Once you have your export file, go to CalendarBudget, sign up for your free account, then import your file when the Account Setup Wizard opens. It's that easy. Here's a short [...]

Recovering From Holiday Debt

If you're like most people, you spent a little more than you had planned over the holidays. After spending your budget, there is always another must-have item demanding to be bought. That leaves you with unplanned debt on top of your already larger-than-should-be debt. What to do? The fastest and easiest thing to do is to take a look at your cash management. Yep, that means revisiting your old pal - the budget :) It's time to hunker down and face your finances. Find out what your current account balances are, how much you owe and an update on how much you are bringing in. Now [...]

Secrets To Keeping Your Spending In Check – Secret #3: Use A Budget!

One of the reasons we overspend is because we don't set reasonable limits on spending. Most of us just keep spending and find there is more month than money. A budget can save you from this problem. First of all, "budget" is not a swear word, and we should not cower when we hear it. Get comfortable with it and your budget will be one of your greatest friends! Take a look at the spending you've been tracking and start categorizing all your purchases into categories such as phone, auto, home, etc. A good number of categories is around 12 [...]

Secrets To Keeping Your Spending In Check – Secret #2: Don’t Use Cash

Remember when you were a kid spending your allowance at the candy store? There's just something about having a pocket full of cash, isn't there? It just wasn't right if you left the store with any money. ALL of it had to be spent - after all, you worked hard for that money, why not treat yourself to the max! However, with cash, there is no automated record of what it was spent on and thus less accountability. That's why I use a debit card whenever I can. Using a debit card allows the following conveniences: No need to carry cash [...]

Secrets To Keep Your Spending In Check – Secret #1

If you're like most people, when you get to the end of the month, you wonder where all the money went. This feeling comes from not having a record of where your money is going. Several times a day we spend money and assume we'll remember it, but at the end of the month, it's just not possible to remember all the little purchases, and they add up to a lot. That's why tracking your spending is so important. It makes you accountable to yourself. When you know you'll need to record purchases, you think twice about making it. It [...]

Control Wedding Finances with a Personal Finance App

Marriage, debt and moving your home are ranked among the top most stressful life events. A wedding often combines all three into a well-planned panic attack but using a personal finance app such as CalendarBudget to control the budget will cut stress levels drastically. Budget trends for weddings have been steadily going up, despite the economic downturn. In fact, the average wedding in the US can cost up to $27,000. There is no short supply of suggestions to make a wedding more budget-friendly, and rightfully so! Imagine what other things can be done with $27,000 to support your new married [...]

Money Lessons Learned: Using a Treadmill

I have a treadmill that most often is our largest and most expensive clothes hanger. However, I do get into spurts of desire to get in shape again and use it. Here' s what it teaches me about money: Owning a treadmill makes me feel like I am doing something about my health, but if I don't use it, it's no use. Only regular, consistent use of the treadmill will keep me in shape. Same goes for your budget. If I turn on the treadmill and it automatically goes.. it does me NO GOOD unless I get on and use it. [...]

Security With Online Banking And Budgeting Tools

Much concern has been raised by consumers about online bank security risks - specifically using 3rd party money aggregators, such as Mint.com and Yodlee, which automatically connect to your bank and try to track all for your accounts in one place. People are asking questions like, "is mint.com safe?" If we ignore the reliability issues (which are many) and look only at the security concerns, here's the problem in a nutshell: When you sign up for one of these services, you have to give them your online banking username and password (credentials) so they can go and collect the information [...]

Calendar Budget’s Habit Installer: The New Way To Do Your Financial Budgeting

One of the benefits of signing up with CalendarBudget is that it makes creating a spending plan and sticking to it a part of your daily routine. How does it accomplish this? With the revolutionary Habit Installer system, a series of 21 short videos and tutorials sent to your inbox every day for three weeks. My wife Debra and I used to blame the economy, our age, or our lack of effort for our failure to create a workable spending plan. None of these factors was the main cause of our lack of results. Instead, we had to shift how [...]