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How Leveraging Personal Finance Technology Helps You Save


Why do you really need a personal finance app? What will it do for you and your money? If you’ve managed just fine without this kind of app, then that’s fine. But, before you dismiss it, first read on to see the four main benefits that an app like CalendarBudget can offer you to help you save money. […]

How Leveraging Personal Finance Technology Helps You Save2020-01-17T07:29:13-05:00

What Should Your Personal Finance App Offer You?


If you are looking for a good personal finance app that you can use to control your money, you might wonder what the best one would be to suit your purposes. You have numerous options. But, not all of them will serve you well. So, how do you tell a good personal finance app from a bad or mediocre one? Here are four key characteristics to look for. […]

What Should Your Personal Finance App Offer You?2020-01-17T07:22:11-05:00

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Your Debt


Being in debt can be an intimidating predicament, and many people tend to let it get the better of them. This is not necessary, however, because, no matter the size of the debt, a systematic, step-by-step approach can help you gain control of it. Follow these five easy steps to start managing your debt. […]

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Your Debt2020-02-12T00:35:49-05:00

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Managing Your Money


What better way to celebrate the new year than with a renewed commitment to financial health? As the year begins, you have a new opportunity to take control of your financial destiny. No matter what your financial situation has been up to this point, you can take it in hand now and change it. It’s not as difficult, involved or as long a process as you think. It simply requires a commitment and a strategy to help you meet that commitment. CalendarBudget is here to help you do just that, starting with these five New Year’s resolutions and some simple [...]

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Managing Your Money2020-01-11T06:05:38-05:00

Switch To New Payment Processor


We're Switching From PayPal To 2Checkout For Subscription Payments We want you to have the best experience possible with CalendarBugdet. Over the past months, we've had an increasing number of problems using PayPal directly. Many of you have experienced inconveniences like: Duplicate subscriptions and payments you've had to have refunded and corrected. Those cancelling their account have sometimes had subscriptions with PayPal continue. We Want A Better Experience For Our Members In order to overcome these and other issues to serve you better, CalendarBudget is switching to a new payment processor called 2Checkout. With 2Checkout, you can continue using PayPal [...]

Switch To New Payment Processor2020-02-13T22:44:09-05:00

Budget for a New Home with a Personal Finance App


Buying a new home in Canada is becoming increasingly expensive, but the CalendarBudget personal finance app can help you with planning your budget. Last year, Living in Canada published two charts showing average house prices, and they showed that the price of homes ranged anywhere from C$225,826 to a little over C$1.31 million. Coupled with new requirements, such as the 20% down payment rule, buying a new home is a huge financial burden for most homeowners. However, if you feel that you are ready to buy a new home then don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of budgeting tips that [...]

Budget for a New Home with a Personal Finance App2020-01-29T19:37:12-05:00

Special Report: How Your Budgeting Technique Affects Your Wealth


In the book The Next Millionaires by Paul Pilzer, the idea is put forth that our financial success is not only based on what resources we have available to us but also what tools we use. The Next Millionaires is a great book on the new economics that will shape our current and future generations and it challenges many old economic principles. One of the great gems found inside is an equation that Paul discovered. W = P * T Wealth = Personal Resources * Technology This theory suggests that our wealth (as a society) is determined not only by [...]

Special Report: How Your Budgeting Technique Affects Your Wealth2019-07-17T01:03:52-04:00

Tell People About This Low-Cost Personal Finance App


CalendarBudget has moved to a monthly cost of $3.99 USD/month. Many of you have asked why the personal finance app CalendarBudget is so inexpensive? We’d love to share our plans with you! Since the beginning, we’ve wanted CalendarBudget to be available to as many people as possible. We know that people have been spoiled by free tools on the Internet and any fee-based service – as awesome as it may be – will be overlooked by many people. We were free for a long time (2013-2017), but that model did not allow us to provide our best for you. As [...]

Tell People About This Low-Cost Personal Finance App2020-01-15T16:27:11-05:00